Quiz Title: suffixes KS4 (Mini)

  • Subject: English
  • Number of steps: 6
  • Target age: KS4
  • Questioning Style: Sequenced
  • Difficulty for target age range: Medium
  • Keywords: Suffixes
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Sample questions from this quiz

Which of these suffixes can you add to 'length'?

  • A: Ise
  • B: Ate
  • C: En
  • D: Ify

Which suffix added to 'trust' does not make a new word?

  • A: Less
  • B: Ing
  • C: Ly
  • D: Ful

In a place name, what does the suffix 'chester' mean?

  • A: Wall
  • B: City
  • C: Camp
  • D: Market