Quiz Title: Age 5-7 (Teacher Support); Content, Contact & Culture

  • Subject: E-safety
  • Number of steps: 12
  • Target age: KS1
  • Questioning Style: Sequenced
  • Difficulty for target age range: Medium
  • Keywords:
  • Description: NB: Key Stage 1 pupils should have the support of a teacher or teaching assistant when answering a quiz because of the nature of the subject and the pupil’s reading age.
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Sample questions from this quiz

You are using Instant Messenger. An online ‘friend’ asks you for your address and telephone number. What do you do? (July 2010)

  • A: Never IM them again
  • B: Arrange to meet them
  • C: Don't give the info
  • D: It's a friend, it's ok

An online diary or journal sometimes containing photos, images, sound and links is a? (July 2010)

  • A: GIGO
  • B: Wiki
  • C: Blog
  • D: Social network